#WEAREHALF campaign

Stop cutting off women!

A movement aimed to draw attention to gender inequality that persists in multiple forms at the level of society. Gender equality is not only a fundamental right, it is the essential foundation for a solid and sustainable world. We are still far from the goals proposed for 2030.

Our objectives

The campaign aims to create a wave of awareness of gender equality, diversity and inclusion – an international trend.

When we discuss the issue of gender equality, we only run into outrageous percentages. We tend to forget the hidden lives of women behind the figures, and how they feel or look. The campaign transforms the concept of “Percent” into a statement, a manifesto for regaining the “whole” of women, so that they feel safe, valued and fulfilled professionally and personally, and society progresses.

Gender equality – facts and figures


women in CEO positions globally


employed women compared to men


CEOs at fortune 500 companies are female


girls become child brides every day, or one every two seconds

6 countries

give women equal legal work rights as men: Belgium, Denmark, France, Latvia, Luxembourg and Sweden

134 years

to close the gender gap

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Launched in March 2023 by Asociația Solidaritate și Egalitate in partnership with TUDOR Communications, the #WEAREHALF campaign has the goal of drawing attention to the gender inequity that still persists in Romanian society and internationally. The campaign points out that women make up half of the global population and half of Romania’s population, yet they still do not have equal opportunities with men.


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#WEAREHALF campaign