Launch – Get Funded – Grow

When Women Founders get Less Than 3% of Investment, You Need a Strategy to Put You in That 3%.

That’s why we want to equip founders with a rock-solid pitch, plus the tactics and know-how to help them succeed.

​So that when female founders get in front of investors, they are confident in terms of project authority and credibility.

The standard playbook for raising money doesn’t work for us. We have to do it differently. Join our 8-week accelerator, designed for pre-seed & seed stage founders. Created for women founders, by women founders who have successfully built, fundraised, and exited businesses.

Program Content

  • Pitch deck & script

We’ll craft a compelling pitch deck and script with you.

Your pitch is the single most important part of your fundraising materials.​

  • 1:1 Mentor support

You will be assigned a mentor for the duration of the accelerator for weekly 1:1 calls.

Your mentor is your coach, cheerleader and Hive mind.

  • Business deep-dive

No startup is perfect. We know your business has gaps. That’s normal.

We’ll explain what investors expect to see, and help you fill in the gaps.

  • Investment process

We’ll explain how to run a fundraising round & the tactics you need to know.

From investor outreach, how to run meetings & how to close.

  • Expert calls

We host group calls with experts on all the topics you need to master.

From financial models, to valuation and go-to-market strategy.

  • Demo day

You get three pitch practice sessions and expert feedback.

Plus, the opportunity to pitch live to investors in our Demo Day.


Angels: 120+ active angel investors across all sectors, who bring expertise as well as capital

VCs: 350+ VC firms across the UK, Europe & US that invest from pre-seed to series B

Strategic Corporate venture arms and family offices with connections

Crowdfunding: The top equity and rewards crowdfunding platforms in the EU, US & UK

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