Who We Are

The European Women’s Association (EWA) is an Ecosystem of Global Business Support Organizations, based in Brussels, building business bridges for women internationally.

EWA facilitates access to capital, orchestrates trade missions, and offers investment readiness programs, nurturing a conducive environment for bigger women-led enterprises.

EWA’s pivotal goal is to foster economic growth by connecting Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, generating meaningful collaborations that drive prosperity.

With support from ambassadors, public institutions like the European Commission, and corporate partners across 15+ countries, EWA is a potent force for change, championing women’s economic empowerment.

Join EWA in shaping a future where women excel in business, transcending boundaries and cultivating thriving economies. Together, we build bridges and inspire success.

EWA’s Mission

  • Supporting women led projects and empowering their initiatives.
  • Providing access to expert coaching, mentoring, networking from partner organizations to bring female businesses to the global level.
  • Sharing Education & Knowledge in the form of online workshops and offline events.
  • Offering benefits from the Trusted Curated Business Network Providing opportunities to achieve international business exposure and grow globally

EWA’s Vision

Empowering female entrepreneurs around the globe and contributing to a prosperous future.

Events organised
Countries represented

Why join us?

Annual Summit

3 days event
Theme: “Accelerating Women for a Sustainable Future”
Networking Opportunity
Mentorship Program
Resource Hub
International Guest Speakers

Investment readiness program for female founders

Pitch deck & scrip
1:1 Mentor support
Business deep-dive
Investment process
Expert calls
Demo day

International Business Immersion Program

Market Entry Strategy
Cultural Immersion
Business Workshops
Site Visits
One-on-One Consultations
Investor Meetings

Trade missions/exchange

Guiding in new markets
Introductions to the local business ecosystem, chambers of commerce, investors, potential local partners, clients

Access to Capital

Access to funding
Investment opportunities
Connections with Investors and Financial Institutions

Capacity Building

Entrepreneurship trainings
Leadership development

Networking and Community Building

Strong network
Access to EWA events, conferences, networking opportunities

Research and Data Collection

AI-driven matchmaking platform
Connecting businesses in a more efficient and personalized manner


Executive Team
The Executive Team is based in Brussels, Belgium and is a supportive organism for partnering countries and organizations. Executive team also monitors European Commission partnership opportunities, coordinates communication and Public Relations.
Advisory Board
The Advisory Board is a team of experts that support EWA with cultural, strategic and business advice. The Board actively supports the association with introduction to potential partners, expanding EWA’s positive impact internationally.
Country Leaders
Country Leaders are active EWA team members that represent their country ecosystem. Country Leader contributes to the expansion of the community.
Country Partners
Country partners are active community members that contribute to the ecosystem with their local network and their expertise.
Ambassadors share EWA’s values. They promote the vision and the mission of the organization. They represent EWA and its initiatives in their country, helping to reach more partners for the ecosystem.
Ecosystem Partners
Ecosystem Partners are companies, institutions and organizations sharing the mission of EWA. In collaboration more measurable results are achieved.