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EWA: Strategic partner for women’s economic empowerment.

EWA is an organization dedicated to advancing the economic empowerment of women. Its mission is to create an inclusive and supportive ecosystem that promotes gender equality, fosters women’s entrepreneurship initiatives, and advocates for development approaches that enable women to thrive in various economic sectors.

Why EWA?

EWA acts as a bridge between various stakeholders in the ecosystem, including government bodies, corporations, accelerators, women entrepreneurs, and investors. It facilitates partnerships and collaborations that benefit women in business.

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Why EWA is Important?

An organization like EWA plays a vital role in promoting women’s economic empowerment for several reasons:

Gender Equality
It actively works towards achieving gender equality in the economic sphere, which is not only a matter of social equity but also highly beneficial for overall economic growth.
Economic Growth
Empowering women economically contributes to the growth of productivity, revenue, and global GDP impact by tapping into the full potential of its workforce and entrepreneurial talent.
Innovation and Diversity
By promoting diversity and inclusion, EWA helps foster innovation and creativity in businesses and industries, leading to improved outcomes and competitiveness.
Social Impact
Women's economic empowerment positively impacts communities and families, leading to higher living standards and social well-being.
Global Competitiveness
In a globalized world, countries and regions that prioritize women's economic empowerment are more competitive and appealing on the international stage.

How we create impact?

Annual Summit

3 days event
Theme: “Accelerating Women for a Sustainable Future”
Networking Opportunity
Mentorship Program
Resource Hub
International Guest Speakers

Investment readiness program for female founders

Pitch deck & script
1:1 Mentor support
Business deep-dive
Investment process
Expert calls
Demo day

International Business Immersion Program

Market Entry Strategy
Cultural Immersion
Business Workshops
Site Visits
One-on-One Consultations
Investor Meetings

Trade missions/exchange

Guiding in new markets
Introductions to the local business ecosystem, chambers of commerce, investors, potential local partners, clients

Access to Capital

Access to funding
Investment opportunities
Connections with Investors and Financial Institutions

Capacity Building

Entrepreneurship trainings
Leadership development

Networking and Community Building

Strong network
Access to EWA events, conferences, networking opportunities

Research and Data Collection

AI-driven matchmaking platform
Connecting businesses in a more efficient and personalized manner

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We love creating exciting collaborations, projects and opportunities between us and our community! If you have any questions or otherwise want to get in touch, please contact org@europeanwomenassociation.org

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